Committee on Fee Disputes & Conciliation

Contact: Keshia Adams, Program Administrator, Phone: 212-267-6646, ext. 207.


The New York County Lawyers’ Association, the Bronx County Bar Association and the Association of the Bar of the City of New York (referred to throughout as the “Associations”) have established a Joint Committee on Fee Disputes and Conciliation (the Committee).  The Committee seeks to resolve lawyer-client fee disputes in a variety of ways.  Whatever the means employed, whether by conciliation, mediation or arbitration, the Committee’s goal is to provide a private and economical means of resolving disputes in an atmosphere of mutual understanding.


The Committee adopted Rules to facilitate the Mandatory Arbitration of Fee Disputes between lawyers and clients.  These Rules put into effect the requirements of 22 N.Y.C.R.R. Part 137 (“Part 137”), which provides for the informal and expeditious resolution of fee disputes between attorneys and clients through arbitration and mediation.  In accordance with the procedures for arbitration, arbitrators shall determine the reasonableness of fees for professional services, including costs, taking into account all relevant facts and circumstances.  Mediation of fee disputes is strongly encouraged.  The Rules should be interpreted and applied consistently with the purposes of Part 137.


Although the Rules provide for hearings to resolve contested issues, in order to expedite resolution of disputes, all parities are encouraged to submit written statements and formally agree about the facts whenever possible.


To access the Rules and the forms, click here.

  • Standard Written Instructions and Procedures

  • Local Program Rules

  • Notice of Client’s Right to Arbitrate – Dispute Over Attorneys Fees

  • Notice of Client’s Right to Arbitrate – Dispute Over a Refund of Attorney Fees

  • General Instruction Letter – Client Initiated Arbitration

  • General Instruction Letter – Attorney Initiated Arbitration

  • Client Request for Fee Arbitration Form

  • Attorney Request for Fee Arbitration Form