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Ethics Hotline

The Committee on Professional Ethics accepts both written and telephone inquiries on ethics matters and provides advisory opinions. For additional information, call the members listed below.

January 1-15

James Walker

January 16-31

Frederica Miller

February 1-14
Bruce Green

February 15-28
Malvina Nathanson

March 1-15

Anne Loranger

March 16-31
Richard Maltz

Please Note: Assignments are subject to change.
Questions to the hotline are limited to an inquiring attorney’s own conduct under New York’s Rules of Professional Conduct. Also, the hotline does not answer questions that are being litigated in a pending legal proceeding or before a grievance committee, or questions of law. Calls to the hotline are confidential but not privileged. For a full discussion of the Ethics Committee’s hotline guidelines, please see the statement below.

Guidelines on NYCLA's Ethics Hotline

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